11 Uninstalling GFI EndPointSecurity : 11.3 Uninstalling GFI EndPointSecurity application
NOTE: Run the uninstaller as a user with administrative privileges on the computer.
1. From the Microsoft Windows Control Panel select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features option.
2. Select GFI EndPointSecurity.
3. Click Change to start the un-installation of GFI EndPointSecurity application.
4. Click Next at the Welcome screen to continue un-installation.
NOTE: If any agents are still installed, an information dialog will be displayed asking you whether you would like to continue (the agents will remain installed and orphans) or stop the un-installation process. For more information about uninstalling agents, refer to the Uninstalling GFI EndPointSecurity agents section in this chapter.
5. Select Uninstall without deleting configuration files or Complete uninstall option and click Next to continue.
6. Upon un-installation completion click Finish to finalize un-installation.