Configuring Fax server options
NOTE 1: To convert Microsoft Office attachments you need to have Microsoft 97 or higher installed on the FAX Server computer.
NOTE 2: It is not recommended to install Microsoft Outlook on the same computer where Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or 2003 is installed. Installing Microsoft Outlook on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010 is allowed.
To configure document conversion, right-click on the Advanced ► Document conversion node and select properties. You can configure the following options:
Ignore extensions: Enter the extensions that you want to ignore e.g., p7s, vcf, etc. GFI FAXmaker will not ignore the standard GFI FAXmaker extensions: fax, txt, rtf and fmk.
'Print to' shortcut set-up: You can also configure a custom document format. To do this you must install the application that can print the document and also set up a 'print to' shortcut for that format. Test that you can print the document via windows explorer. Then enter the extension of the format (e.g. 'doc' for Word) and the Application Command that is able to print the format. In most cases this is 'Print'. Then click Add.