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Installation of the remote tools

To be able to monitor and configure the fax server remotely, you must first install the remote monitoring and configuration tools on the machine that you wish to monitor or configure the fax server from.

Installing the remote monitor & configuration

The set-up for these tools can be found on the GFI downloads page at: or on the GFI CD-ROM as the file "fmremcon.exe".

To install the remote monitor:

1. Double-click on 'fmremcon.exe'. Set-up will ask you what you wish to install - Configuration & monitoring or monitoring only.

What remote tools to install

2. Now set-up will ask you the name of the FAXmaker server.

Set-up prompts for the FAXmaker machine name

3. Set-up will no prompt you what type of Exchange server you are running. After this, set-up will continue to install the remote configuration and monitoring tools, and will create a program group `FAXmaker Remote Configuration'. Two shortcuts will be available in this program group: 'FAXmaker remote monitor' and 'FAXmaker remote configuration'.

I By default only administrators have access to the remote monitor and configuration tools. If you add additional users, you have give users access to the fmserver$ share. For more information on how to do this, see the paragraph remote administration permissions in this chapter. Remote viewing of fax server status.

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