3. Navigating the management console : Navigating the GFI LANguard N.S.S. management console
Scan toolbar – Enables you to perform scan related operations such as launch new vulnerability scans and configure alternate scan credentials.
Quick Scan toolbar – Allows you to quickly launch a vulnerability scan on a particular IP using a specific profile.
Tool Buttons – Includes 3 buttons Main, Configuration and Tools through which you can switch the options that are accessible through the left pane.
Left Pane – Allows access to the options available through the Main, Configuration and Tools buttons. These include scan result filters scheduled scan customization and network administration tools.
Middle Pane – Shows the vulnerability scan results – broken down into specific categories such as vulnerabilities, potential vulnerabilities, and system information.
Right Pane – Shows more detailed information on the scan results as well as a graphical representation of the threat level on a computer-by-computer basis as well as on scan-by-scan basis.
Scanner Activity Window – Displays the activity of scans that are in progress.